9 Ways to Make a Child's Bedtime Easy

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Speaking from personal experience, life is easier with sleep! This is probably the most challenging part of being a parent - the lack of sleep......  It's the one thing that you simply cannot prepare for and it can come as a big shock to the system.

So we thought we would share some useful insight from webmd.com on their 9 ways of making bedtime easy (or easier at least).  You can find the full content at the below link, but here is a summary - 


  1. Make sleep a priority - set regular go-to-bed and wake up times for the entire family.
  2. Deal with sleep troubles - signs of sleep struggles include trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night and loud / heavy breathing. This in turn impacts day-time behaviour.  This is something we can relate to at Little Tinkers World. Do get in touch with a doctor because it could be something completely unrelated - like diet i.e. an intolerance.
  3. Work as a team - team work makes the dream work. This can be a stressful time, so getting your partner on board and supportive is key. Look to bring in your child to the team as well, they may feel more a part of it and improve results.
  4. Routine, Routine, Routine - kids love routine so keep things consistent. Find your routine and stick with it (only tweaking when you need to).
  5. Bedtime snacks - a small snack before bedtime can help keep your little one stay fuelled through the night. Look at healthy filling options, such as a banana.
  6. Dress and room temperature - a cool but not cold room is the optimum. Dress your child as you do yourself, thats the best rule of thumb. It will need to be warmer for younger babies.
  7. Sleep environment - make sure the room is dark and quiet. A peaceful environment is much more likely to get your child in to a bedtime mentality.
  8. Security object - bedtime means separation which can be difficult for some children. Encourage your little one to pick a toy, object or blanket to take to bed with them.
  9. One last thing - can i just have.....? A common question to drag out the bedtime routine. Try your best to head these off and stick to your routine.

There you have it - easy! Not all of these will work but some will, and you'll find your flow as a family. But rest assured, you're not the only ones who will need some help with this - keep going, it will happen. Bring on those full nights sleep again!!

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