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Did you catch the story in the news this week about baby names? Emilia Clark, who stars in Game of Thrones as Daenerys, one of the lead characters was interviewed as part of promoting her new film, Solo. It was mentioned to her that last year in England and Wales alone, 69 children were given the name Khaleesi, for context thats more than ended up being called Helen! 
It made us think back to when we were naming our daughter. It can be such a difficult process - how did you find it? What inspired your name (s)?  
Although it may seem different to name a child after a fictional character in a fantasy TV series, their parents were clearly very passionate about it.  It does roughly translate to queen - now, who doesn’t what to be named after a queen?  I think thats the key really, you need to be passionate about the name.  It doesn’t have to have some deep meaning, but you need to love it.  I researched some top tips for naming a child to share with you but too be honest, they felt very dull and cold.  Our advice is to have a bit of fun with it and just throw some names out there - its amazing how creative you can be. Being pregnant can be a very stressful time as it is, so don’t add to the pressure by making this process more painful than it needs to be.  Oh and one other bit of advice, don’t listen to other peoples views on your names. This is your choice and 100% personal to you! Good luck to all those parents out there who are trying to select a name…….
Let us know how you named your children - we would love to hear from you.

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