6 Expert Tips On Organising Your Nursery

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Trying to stay organised with a baby is next to impossible.  No matter how hard you try, there always seems to be something else to pick up - how can something so small, make so much mess?  If only there was something we could do.........

Step forward thebump.com who have created 6 fantastic tips to help organise your nursery.  You can head over to the blog post following the link below but to summarise, the 6 tips are -

  1. Revamp The Changing Table - stash supplies in nontraditional, appropriate sized containers.
  2. Trick Out The Closet - maximise space in baby’s closet by stashing folded clothes or small accessories in a hanging cloth shoe organiser
  3. Go Vertical - take advantage of the height of the nursery walls, and voilà: instant extra storage space.
  4. Containerise Everything - find attractive open bins for the shelves of your changing table and give each one a specific category
  5. Tame The Mess - every few months, separate baby’s clothes into three piles: what fits now, what baby can grow into soon and what's been outgrown
  6. Look For Storage-Friendly Furniture - invest in a crib with drawers or buy a crib skirt and hide away a bunch of under-bed boxes, perfect for stashing excess wipes and diapers


We hope this proves useful - as always, please share with anyone you feel would benefit from this information.

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